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Information for Alaskan Malamute

American Kennel Club
American Kennel Club purebred dog registry and information site. Contains AKC breed standards, departments, events and obedience regulations and products including videos, books, "Gazette" magazine and free poster.

Rassevorstellung, Hilfsangebote, Welpenvermittlung, Züchterlinks

Animals Without Frontiers
URGENT. More than 200.000 dogs live in the streets of Bucharest, Romania. Help the Foundation Animals without Frontiers to save them. Adopt a Puppy. We need HELP from all animal lovers. Thanks in advance

Basset Hound Club of Switzerland
Basset Hounds sind Hunde fuer Hundenarren

Auf dieser Seite kann man nette Bassetleute mit ihre Superschlappohren kennenlernen.

Alles rund um den Briard

CARE aka Cat/Canine Assistance Ref & Ed
C.A.R.E. is a NO-KILL organization without exception, helping homeless pets and the people who CARE about them. Over 200 cats and 20 big dogs call our cageless sanctuary, located in North Los Angeles County, CA, USA, home.

Connecticut Dog Training
Connecticut Canine Training & Behavioral Services offers a full range of dog training services for all breeds. Statewide in home obedience, behavior modification and Group obedience & puppy classes in the greater Waterbury area. We offer basic to advanced obedience, Canine Good Citizen testing, Puppy training and Problem behavior modification. We use the right training method based on breed, age, temperament and goals.

DRK Rettungshundestaffel OVP
Die DRK Rettungshundestaffel aus Ostvorpommern stellt sich auf diesen Seiten vor.




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