Celebrities have long been symbols of youth and beauty. As such, any hair loss on their ends can be a major setback. A balding celebrity runs the risk of going from a sexy lead in a film to the father figure in a romantic comedy. Some celebrities choose to embrace the bald look and look fabulous doing so. For others, not so much. A lot of celebrities want to do whatever they can to reduce the appearance of thinning hair.

Thankfully, Los Angeles is chock-full of ways for the stars to maintain a lush-looking head of hair. Here are the most common ways celebrities like to deal with their hair loss!

  • Wigs. LA is no stranger to costumes, being home to Hollywood. Aside from being abundant, wigs that can be found in Hollywood are almost always of the highest quality, ensuring no embarrassing mishaps can occur. Celebrities have no trouble finding a one-of-a-kind wig to match their hair perfectly. Some celebrities are even opting to go bold, wearing wigs that look nothing like their real hair.
  • Scalp micropigmentation. For celebrities already rocking a shorter ‘do, scalp micropigmentation might be the path they choose. Scalp America says that the ink used in a typical session blends right in with their already existing stubble, creating the illusion of an all-over head of hair. This also helps hide any patchy areas or bald spots without drawing more attention to the hair loss. Because it blends right in with their hair, these stars don’t have to worry about any embarrassing pictures being leaked that show an obvious contrast.
  • Hair transplants. Plugs are an increasingly common way for celebrities to cope with hair loss. The hair that grows back is the celebrity’s own hair, meaning it always looks natural. Intense training keeps the procedure as safe as possible, keeping our favorite stars out of harm’s way.
  • Shaving their heads. Some celebrities simply cannot be bothered to keep up with their hair. So, once it starts to thin, they will nip the problem in the bud. Going completely bare is a popular choice for men in the industry, and even some women! A smooth head is a timeless look that has only become more popular over time.
  • Magic pills. It wouldn’t be Los Angeles without at least one person claiming that their supplement can take a bald head of hair and turn it into something resembling a fairytale character’s hair. Yes, some celebrities swear by these pills to give them the hair of their dreams. While the vitamins and minerals found in these pills aren’t necessarily dangerous, the jury’s out on how effective this method is.

These are just a few of the ways that the stars like to keep their hair looking great. There’s no doubt that there are hundreds of other ways that celebrities have coped with hair loss, each more interesting than the last. Whatever hair loss solution they go with, they’re bound to start a trend.