How Does Semi-Permanent Microblading Work?

Women are very passionate about their eyebrows and use many products to make them look great every time they step out of the house. However, sometimes due to health issues, their brows might seem out of shape. 

Usually, this condition gets fixed automatically or with the help of powder, pencil, gel, pigment, stencil, etc. But if it doesn’t, then you must connect with a hair care expert like and try out Microblading immediately. 

Before you undergo the treatment, understand the concept of Microblading and how it works. 

Unlike a standard tattoo, Microblading consists of implanting pigment under the skin with the help of a manual handheld tool. The results of Microblading can last for anywhere from one year to three years, depending on how carefully you use skincare products and take care of other aspects that can affect the area around eyebrows. 

Microblading can be of different types. When it’s used with a lighter touch focusing mainly on adding a little to the eyebrows’ existing shape to mimic the look of brow makeup, give a filled-in look instead of hair-like treatment, it’s called micro feathering. 

You must visit a Microblading professional first and get your eyebrows checked before concluding as to what type of treatment is ideal for you. After inspecting your condition, they can suggest whether micro-feathering is good to go or Microblading is required to give you the perfectly shaped and colored eyebrows.

The treatment doesn’t cost much and gets completed within a matter of a few hours. You need to visit your Microblading clinic once after seven days of the procedure for an inspection. Once the process is finished, the results stick for a few years, after which you can repeat it and keep your eyebrows in shape.