How Much Does Ombre Brow Service Cost?

Ombre brow is a semi-permanent makeup solution that changes how your eyebrows look. Usually, women with thick eyebrows don’t need such treatment. Still, those who experience frequent hair loss in the brow area or unable to grow thick eyebrows naturally may need ombre service to give their brows a fuller, thicker, and darker look. 

In case you can relate to this scenario or know someone who doesn’t get good eyebrows despite making several efforts, then going for ombre eyebrows might be a good option. Usually, it costs anywhere between $500-700 depending on your eyebrows’ current state. 

The ombre eyebrow treatment lasts for a couple of hours in which a handheld tool is used to carefully deposit hair pigments in the brow area. Once the treatment is done, you can enjoy its results for upto five years. After this period, you can undergo the treatment once again and keep your eyebrows in a perfect condition. 

Ombre Vs Microblading 

According to Naomi Waite, both of these techniques sound similar, but there are some elementary differences that you should be aware of. Microblading is a massively popular treatment to revamp your eyebrows quickly. However, if your skin is oily, microblading might not get you the desired outcomes. 

Ombre eyebrow treatment, on the other hand, works quite well on all skin types, including oily and dark. Moreover, it’s less painful and lasts longer as compared to microblading. 

If you are blessed with oily skin and yet want to improve how your eyebrows look, avoid microblading and try out ombre brow service without any second thought. It will make you look great, cost less, and last for up to five years without making any extraordinary effort.