What Are Top Eyebrow Trends of 2020?

The year 2020 will always be remembered for COVID and forced lockdowns in the future, but that doesn’t take away many good things that have happened this year. One such thing is new eyebrow trends that have come into existence. In case you keep a close eye on your brows’ shape and always look to experiment with them, you may have already noticed many new trends. If not, below, you can find some fantastic top eyebrow trends that made highlights this year. 

According to the Marcia clinic located in Manchester, dewy brows have finally received the acknowledgment this year. Women from all age groups have moved back to glossy, wet-look, and sumptuous finishes on their brows for a radiant look that enhances their facial features and gets them instant attention every time they step out. 

Another trend that’s getting quite popular these days is brushing eyebrows towards the temple on a diagonal angle. It’s been a massive hit among women who wish to have longer eyebrows. This new eyebrow trend enables them to create a windswept brow style without facing any problem at all. 

The feathered brow is the next trend that deserves to be featured on this list. Many women have started going for a polished, full, and bold look to embrace a natural and fuller brow shape. 

Regardless of which age group you fall into, as long as you like to experiment with your eyebrows, you must have already heard about these brow trends from someone or noticed your favorite celebrity trying them online. In case you also want to try any of them, connect with a skilled microblading expert who has all the tools and expertise required to get you perfect results. 

Marcia is one such professional that can help you in this regard. Get in touch with her for a smooth and memorable experience at an affordable price.